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Current Events Class

2011: Current Events, Media Analysis, Geography, Worldviews, etc.

Medieval Classics

History and Literature 0 AD - 1500

Ancient History / Socratic Discussion

Reading, Discussing, and Writing on Ancient Greek and Roman History.

Beginning Latin

Some resources for a Beginning Latin class.

Pyramid Project

Class notes for the holistic math/science course developed by LEMI

Current Events in World History

In which we study various nooks and crannies in world history and apply their lessons to today.

  • Toussaint L'Ouverture  and the Haitian Revolution
  • Simon Bolivar and South American Independence
  • Viet Nam's American War
  • "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland
  • The Balkans

AP Physics

I love Physics.

Botany in a Day

A brief summer botany class loosely based on the book, Botany in a Day.